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Still kickin'11:58 PM -- Fri May 28, 2004

I actually got a concerned email this week. Apparently I have been slacking on journal updates! So what's new around here? Not a lot. The new version of the Stockboy demo to go with its new patch is basically done, just needs to be packed into an installer and uploaded! I think it has better selling features than the old demo, which was certainly very naggy. Eddie Galaxy is in a similar state, it may be available as early as next week. The new Loonyland demo is nearly ready (just incorporating the nice lighting). I've also added some behind the scenes stuff to the website to help track the effectiveness of things. Other things that are less behind the scenes which I hope to add to the site include comments for this very journal (hey, how about on Sneak Peek too!?), an anonymous suggestion box, improving the newsletter system so I don't have to run it by hand, and improving the download system for tighter security and better statistical information.

And yes, in among all that, I need to work on Sol Hunt! I don't know how I ended up with so many projects all of a sudden, but I'm working them off bit by bit.
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