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Patching OVER09:45 PM -- Mon June 7, 2004

Finally! I just finished uploading the new Loonyland demo which has the features of the new patch and hopefully more compelling ability to point out the splendiferousness of the full game than the old demo. With that, I'm all out of patching things to do at last. Next stop: Eddie Galaxy.

I can't believe we got a new kitten. He's very cute, and he's the MOST obnoxious being in the entire world, and keeping his destructive force in check is impossible. He actually doesn't go around wrecking stuff like some kittens, he just harasses our other cats to a point that's simply ridiculous, and eats out of their dishes, which appears to be an incurable habit. Unfortunately, he also seems to not mind water at all, unlike a normal cat, so spraying him with water to train him against doing things has no effect, even though it's like battery acid to our other cats. I like to refer to him as Demonikos, The Devil Cat. Because HE IS.
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