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Cats need solar power06:23 PM -- Thu June 10, 2004

Bonsai got his first shots yesterday, so he's lethargic today. If only he could have shots everyday...

Things are busy around here. I wonder how often I say that. Here's the Hamumu schedule from very near future to further along:
  • Post the five new add-ons I've been sent by WTG.
  • Post up a new gamelet called Retrovirus. It's a really simple arcade game with a more complex control scheme than any of our existing games. I want to get feedback on what you all think, because that's the Sol Hunt control scheme.
  • Finish developing my new CD Autorun program (you know, the thing that pops up when you put the game CD in your drive?), for Eddie Galaxy. Then create the CD case and manual for it, then it's ready to sell!
  • Make the Eddie Galaxy demo (should be quick and easy - I made one before, but this time I think I want to pick a more interesting planet to include than Earth, so people realize it's not a boring game!) and post it.
  • Post a very surprising free thing that people will be excited about at first and then lose interest in as they discover how hard it is to deal with and how I am offering no support for it.
  • Update Kid Mystic with a little bit of new stuff. I don't want to go too far on this thing, maybe set myself a one-week deadline for all upgrades. Definitely of course, the smooth lighting effects! I doubt there will be much else - with the spell system it has, there's not really room to add new levels or anything.
  • Make a Kid Mystic demo and CD case, and put it up for sale!
  • FINALLY, begin working on Sol Hunt for the fiftieth time.
So that's a lot of stuff. I'm sad that the last thing on the whole list is the one that's making a new game. That's my favorite task. I have great Sol Hunt ideas. I just want to get started on it before I decide a different set of ideas is better... my Sol Hunt ideas folder has over 20 files in it. It's a pretty tough part of my life, you know.
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