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Galaxy of Stuff08:43 PM -- Thu June 17, 2004

Eddie Galaxy is all ready to go! Almost. The full version is totally done, all packed up and everything, the demo version is done except for the part that's supposed to annoy you until you pay me money, and the packaging for the CD is done except for putting screenshots on the back. Basically, during this last week of school, I'm waiting on Sol having more than 4 minutes of spare time, so she can take screenshots while I play! I can do them myself, but it gets very awkward, and a large percentage of the shots include me being blown up. Oh, and I also have to make the webpage for the game.

While waiting on that, I've started up on Kid Mystic a little bit. So far I've just done a couple quick fixes, but I've played a bunch (I'm partway through Chapter 2!), and it's fun! What a cool game! Whoever made it must've been really cool. I'm going to try to get in a few interesting additions to the gameplay (as in levels, probably), but it's tricky to work that sort of stuff in with the way the game is set up, like how it has a spell in each level (and no, I'm not adding spells - there aren't any more numbers on the keyboard!).

In other news, I released the new gamelet Retrovirus which works on both PC and Mac. Please download it and give it a try! I know it's not much gameplay-wise, but that's not the point of it! Your feedback on it will be very valuable, since it was invented for the sole purpose of seeing what people think of some plans for Sol Hunt (the control scheme and the graphics library). Do you like the controls? Are they too complicated for you? Does it run at full speed on your computer? Does it run at all? These are handy bits of info!

I've also put up a "Supreme Level Of The Week" on the Home Page, which will change randomly each Sunday. Is anybody going to try to unseat DavidS as the complete lord and master of this week's level? I hope next week it's not a level with moss in it again... I'm going to see if I can implement a rule for the high score system so that each person only gets their best score on the chart for each level. That way DavidS would only hold the top position and other people could get in 2nd and 3rd at least (unfortunately, I can't fix things retroactively - only the top 3 scores are stored). But in the meantime, dethrone him!!
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