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The Galaxy Is Go10:36 PM -- Wed June 23, 2004

Okay, Eddie Galaxy is now released! Go buy it! RIGHT NOW!!! I SAID SO! Okay, now that you've done that, read on.

Hmm, I'm not sure I have anything else to say. The next project is of course Kid Mystic. I have some ideas for enhancements to that, but I've got to give them a shot first before I say anything - I don't want to promise the world and deliver the original game with fancy lighting! Which by the way, it does have now. I've implemented the smooth lighting and a couple interface improvements so far (the speed that the monster life meter and other such things move was based on your computer speed before, and it gets really out of hand on fast systems!). Anyway, I've got good ideas that should hopefully add a lot to it. It's a great game to begin with, though. I got to playing it the other day to see what to fix, and ended up halfway through Chapter 2 before I quit. It's definitely got some fun to it! So, starting tomorrow, Kid Mystic will be underway more directly.

Bonsai is still keeping us up at night (more so in the morning... if I wanted to wake up at 6am, I'd use an alarm clock), and harassing the other cats a LOT more than I would like. He's only safe when he's asleep. Which is a lot, but unfortunately not at the right times. He just hops on them, completely latches on, draped over the other cat like a cape, and proceeds to bite onto any part of their head he wants. Huzzah pretty much ignores it until it hurts. Zazzy flips out from the get-go. She has bone problems, so she doesn't deal well with being squished. That's the feline update. Carry on with your day.
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