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Summer Silly!06:07 PM -- Sat July 10, 2004

I am a health food junkie! Why, here I am drinking a healthy protein shake made with berries, soy milk, some honey, ice cubes, and protein powder (and okay, we added in some ice cream when we decided it was missing something)... and eating a Krispy Kreme donut!

I'm also working on my Summer Silliness world. It's kind of frustrating because I feel like it's wasting time I should be doing Kid Mystic, but it's something I want to do. This world is crazy! I've barely gotten started on the actual construction, but I've made charts and diagrams up the wazoo, and I have a lot more charts to go. It's SO complicated and interwoven that I just hope it all works out! And is actually fun to play. You should see the ridiculous spreadsheet I've made of all the items you earn and how you earn them and how you get through each part of each level. But I can't show it to you, or you'd figure out some of my levels!

Work on Kid Mystic has been slow, but I think I'm getting to a point where it can be faster (once the whole SS thing is over with). There's a new system I've added: Fairies. You have to find Fairy Bells to wake up the fairies, and once they're awake, they're on the overworld. There, they run away from you if you get close, so you have to catch them. If you do catch one, it goes into your Fairy Box. You can select any of the fairies you've caught to provide a bonus power to you, but you can only change them on the overworld, so you have to pick the best one for the level you're going to play (each one has both bonuses and drawbacks... you can probably pass almost any level with almost any fairy, but some will make some levels much easier or harder). In order to have places to put these bells, I need to add several more levels to each chapter, which will be cool. I've added the first level already, and the first fairy, Grabby. Grabby helps you collect coins by sucking them towards you, but he makes you earn less experience than normal, so it's a trade-off: do you want to level up, or earn money? I already know what the other 15 fairies will do, it's just a matter of making them and surprising you with them!

News update: I have finished my shake, although Bonsai tried to get his share of it. I also finished my two Krispy Kremes. Man, that's wrong.
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