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The Conspiracy01:52 AM -- Wed July 14, 2004

There's a conspiracy to keep me from finishing my Silliness world. They started small, with subtle tricks - making me have ideas for it that are awfully big, making me slow and lazy and unproductive. You know, things that wouldn't stand out in my mind... things I might just take as my usual behavior. But then they started pushing it. First, they made me have a crash from incessant alt-tabbing going to various chats and things while editing my level. That cost me about 1/2 of the work on Camp Doom. Then, and this one was clever indeed, they caused a brownout while I was working a few hours later! I kinda had them fooled there, though - I was just working on some text files for it, so I didn't lose anything at all (I really should get a UPS though, huh?). It did stop me though, sending me off to watch a movie so as to avoid the risk of hurting the computer by letting it get browned out more times.

This world is a lot of work! I now have 2 of the levels done, and a third underway. It's craziness. And the scary thing is, I can't really tell how it will turn out much at all until I'm a lot closer to totally done, because it's not like a normal world where each level is just a separate thing to be tested all on its own. You'll just have to see! It's a little like Jungle Quest, except it has no quests whatsoever.

Oh no, the conspiracy is striking again!!!! They're dragging me off to play video games in this insane heat, out of the doubly insane heat of the office with the non-functional window! Aiyeee!
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