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Feelin' Secure04:25 AM -- Mon July 19, 2004

This just made me plain mad. Warning: politically charged whatsawhosit ahead! Humiliated, Angry, Ashamed, Brown. Of course, this is just one example of what's being done these days in the name of Homeland Security, but it's a well-written example!

It's always a bad idea to discuss politics on your company site, it's like doing it at thanksgiving dinner, except money's at stake! But you know, whatever. It's my journal, so enjoy my thoughts or don't!

On the unpolitical side, Summer Silliness appears to be over! I got mine done this morning and then went through playing it to test, which involved stopping about every 5 seconds to fix something wrong with it. But after an hour or so I was able to reach 100%. So I think it's in the clear. It's a really unique world. I'll be interested to see if it's easy enough to understand or if it'll be too weird. Actually, this is set to be the biggest double-letter-acronym world set yet. I count seven worlds for it submitted so far including mine! Hopefully one or two more will trickle in overnight too. And on top of that, WTG also sent me four more unrelated worlds today. And on top of that, I have a bigger surprise for you tomorrow or the next day! Never you mind what that may be.
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