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Oh My Feet!05:07 AM -- Sun July 25, 2004

So there I was watching stupid saturday evening television... and my wife comes in with a trash can full of hot soapy water and sets it before me (a clean trash can mind you! The little bathroom kind). She proceeds to wash, scrub, lotion, and massage my feet right there! It was out of the blue, and it was a-ok! Of course, I'm lucky we have carpet instead of wood floors, or I'd fall down and break my back trying to walk on these slippery things. But still, it felt quite nice, and since we do have carpet, I'm assuming it wasn't a veiled assassination attempt. So now you see what I have to put up with.

Which reminds me, we will be leaving for vacation on Tuesday, coming back Friday night, so the site will be closed for those few days. No order taking, no question answering, no nothing! Better order all our games right now!
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