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Mysticality12:37 AM -- Wed August 4, 2004

Back from our vacation, I'm back to work on the Kid. I added a new monster today, currently called the Octon. You can guess what it looks like. It's pretty cool. You can only hurt it when it pops up from the water. I'm going to try to add a new monster, a new level, a new fairy, and a new minor feature/bugfix/something every day until the 15 new levels are all in. I don't think I'll be able to keep up frankly. But I made a pretty tricky level. Chapter 1 should be about done now - it's got 3 new levels (the other chapters will each have 4 new levels, but in Chapter 1, I put one of the fairies in a Beginnerton house to introduce you to the concept), two new types of monsters, and 4 fairies to find. I'm hoping to find a way to add some new elements to the gameplay, new things you can work on advancing besides just leveling up, but I haven't come up with any ideas that would be simple enough. Hmm, maybe I should move new monsters to every other day... not like the game needs 15 new monsters! And besides, monsters are the most time-consuming part of the whole thing.
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