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Sneak Peek: Kid Mystic01:21 AM -- Sun August 8, 2004

Yes, I'm really still working on it!! This is almost a random assortment of new things for the second chapter. All the new stuff for the first chapter is in. This is a scene from a new level called The Hidden Temple. All those robots don't actually belong here, they belong inside the temple! This is the welcome mat puzzle, which is fairly nifty, and I won't explain it further. I put the robots on it so you could see them, and so I could test them.

The little grey robots are Blockheads, made in the Blockhead Kiln to the upper right (they're supposed to be made of stone, kind of some sort of ancient Incan technology). They just constantly chase after you like crazy. And the kilns pump them out at a rapid pace! You have to plow through their hordes to take out the kiln before they overwhelm you (in an homage to Gauntlet). They actually have wind-up keys in their backs, because the ancient technology is only up to the wind-up stage.

The big gold robots are ... well, they don't have a name, since they're invincible and you never see their life meter. In the code they're called Megablockheads though. Anyway, they are much like Death Patrols, pacing back and forth. The difference is that their eyebeams are absolutely lethal (and the aforementioned invincibility)... you just plain can't walk in front of these guys. In fact, I'm being killed by a combination of the beam and the blockheads in this shot. It should be pretty easy to go behind their backs though. Just watch out for the hordes of Blockheads when you do. The temple will be a fairly dark place, so you might want to bring a lantern.

I have a couple other ideas for Chapter 2 levels that should bring some new and different things into the game. Wonder what they could be?? PS - If I haven't shown it already, this shot is also proof that the supreme lighting FX are in Kid Mystic.
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