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Sneak Peek: Kid Mystic02:49 AM -- Sun August 15, 2004

One of the main ideas I had when adding new levels to Kid Mystic was to think about the fact that it doesn't have an editor (and still won't!), so I can hardcode things. That means I can really change up the gameplay and do new things. So that's what I've done. Almost every new level adds something new to the gameplay, so it really mixes things up. This level, from Chapter 2, has you hopping on a log to raft down a river. You can't control your speed, all you can do is move left and right. It's a little like the old game Toobin', only not really very much. You have to collect all the orbs like in any other level, but this time you don't get to go back if you miss one! Don't worry though, it's a very short level. Turns out a 128-tile long level isn't that long when all you do is move straight down it. Of course, if you hit a rock, you sink. I also made this level use some modifications of the water effects to make it more like rapids. The rocks make ripples!

Progress Report: Half of the fairies are done, and after one more level, half of the new levels will also be done.
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