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Eh? What'd you say?11:40 PM -- Mon August 30, 2004

So turns out I'm still broken. The antibiotics weren't enough to totally knock out the disease, so here I am with my ear gradually getting deafer, and frankly becoming fairly painful! I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor.

The good news is, we just released a brand spanking new game, totally catching you by surprise! It's not Kid Mystic (I did finish the last of the fairies for that today, though, but there are still 8 levels to make), it's a new one! It's called Derelict, and it's developed by Laughing Dragon Games, with artwork done by myself (the characters and menus, not the backgrounds). I think my style is pretty apparent in the googly eyes. It's a great action game, and you can try out the demo at the Derelict info page, as well as see some screenshots. So tune in and try it out! I've basically been working on it off and on for the past year or so, during my 'free time' after real Hamumu work.

Speaking of free time, I think I'll go take some now. I'm so tired of being tired. I want to get completely well! You don't really appreciate how good it feels to just feel... well, good... except right after when you've been really sick. Then just running to the mailbox feels so great, just because there's energy! Energy is nice. Good day to you, and GO PLAY DERELICT!
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