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Sneak Peek: Kid Mystic07:54 PM -- Wed September 22, 2004

Remember the tale of the three billy goats Gruff? Well, now instead of fighting Mush, Kid Mystic has to face Rammy, Surefoot, and Disgruntled Gruff at the end of Chapter 2! The idea is that since you're heading through a mountain pass, they make sense. That probably doesn't come across much since all of Chapter 2 takes place in a forest, and Chapter 3 is in a castle, but it's the theory. Each one poses a unique threat, and it wasn't until after I made them that I realized they exactly parallel the 3 Ancients in Diablo 2 - one shoots at you, one hops up in the air trying to crash down on you, and the third charges at you at high speed (that one's the most different... at least I didn't make him do whirlwind attacks). It's a fun challenge trying to dodge Rammy while Surefoot is hopping on your head and Disgruntled's shots are bouncing all around. The best thing is that it adds some strategy - which one will you focus on to be rid of first?
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