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My name is Shake-Zula03:27 PM -- Tue September 28, 2004

Last night we finished watching the DVD of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1. You know what the best line was? Dr. Weird saying "That wasn't different at all! Was it, Steve?" Of course, you'd have to see it to appreciate it, but it helps that it comes right after him saying "This time, it will be different!" He's a liar! And the corn killed Steve! Twice! Or at least hurt him badly. I also love all aliens on that show, which would be the Mooninites and the Plutonians. Really, it's the delivery that makes everything so funny. Really great voices.

Another funny thing about the show, unintentionally so I imagine, was that it started out with a concept: each episode, Dr. Weird would make some evil creation, and the Hunger Force would assemble to battle it, with Shake going in completely the wrong direction, Meatwad being abused beyond measure, and Frylock always well aware what's going on and finding all the real clues which Shake ignores. And in the end, as they point out in the commentary, they just learn to live with the evil creation rather than getting rid of it. There was even continuity between episodes! Amazing. But by about the fourth episode, any semblance of even that logic was gone, and it was just down to them hanging out doing nothing, and something weird comes into their life for no reason, causing a completely random conflict. Honestly, I think they got tired of having to think so hard. But that's okay, because dumb is funny.
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