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Sneak Peek: Kid Mystic12:23 AM -- Thu September 30, 2004

Surprise! A whole new game mode has cropped up out of the blue. You have to earn Challenge Mode by finding all the secret items in the game, but once you do, frankly, it's a trainload of fun. I really enjoy it, so much that even working on it was fun (and that's something!). It's just a new way to access the levels - each one has 5 different goals ranging from completing it in a certain time limit to getting a high score to collecting the letters of the word MYSTIC in order before they disappear. You'll have to play each level several times to get all the goals done, and some of them won't be possible until you come back later with other Fairies and Spells available (or just being at a higher level, or having better equipment). This mode also includes some bonus levels which aren't included in the regular game for added fun. As you can see in the shot, higher levels are locked off until you spend the stars you earn by completing goals to open them. Some of the goals are really tricky and will require you to come up with the right mix of Fairies and Spells to pull them off, or just be really really good.

And if you look closely, or not closely at all, you can spot quite a few of the new shop items in this shot too.
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