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Home stretch09:55 PM -- Thu October 7, 2004

Looks like this Kid Mystic thing is one of my patented tiny projects that blew up big. But it's almost over now. Right now I'm just putting the finishing touches on the final bonus feature, then as long as there are no more bugs to fix, it's done. I won't be done with this feature until tomorrow at least, and then there's some testing to make sure it's all right, and then making the packaging and printing them up! I can't wait to be done!

Also, there are two new Supreme add-ons and a Derelict update available since yesterday. I haven't done an announcement on them yet, because I have to put up a pair of Stockboy level sets I have too, and I figure it's better to combine these things. So grab what you like! The Derelict update adds some great new stuff to the game - besides adding a new powerup and an extra hard difficulty, it adds Exploration Mode. That takes away the time limits, but makes the enemies twice as tough. It's really a lot more fun to me, and quite a bit different, playing it that way. Some levels are much harder. The author of Derelict promises more updates fairly often, including new levels, monsters, and maybe even playable characters (okay, he kind of has to rely on me for those last two), so check it out. You should get it this month while it's 10% off. Hey, order it along with Kid Mystic and get another 20% off the total! And order all of our other games too! Why not?
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