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Trippin'10:47 PM -- Fri October 15, 2004

So first of all, a public service announcement: if you're planning to get a "NO SOLICITING" sign, even a bright red one, for the front of your house, don't bother. You'll probably have better luck with the shotgun + rocking chair combo. We got a No Soliciting sign recently and have had 2 solicitors since. It's not a large number, but it's no reduction from our usual. One a week minimum. Sigh. The funny thing is, we know they see the sign, because every single legitimate visitor we have always comments on it! It's pretty hard to miss.

Second of all, Kid Mystic will be released next Thursday, or possibly Friday if there's too much trouble on Thursday. This is because...

Third of all, we will be taking yet another trip (not really a vacation, this is personal business), from Saturday until Wednesday. The difference is, we got a new laptop much better than the old one, some prepaid internet time, and I will bring along a bunch of CDs and halloween goodies and stamps and mailers, and I will be trying to keep the business up to speed while I'm gone! I think I can pull it off, though it will be awkward and painful. Hopefully you will all order way too many games and I won't be able to keep up (that's actually my general dream, not just for this trip). If I'm a little slow on the response time this weekend, that's why. But it will be an interesting experiment! And our new laptop does wi-fi stuff, so I can't wait to pull up to a Starbuck's or the airport and see if it works. That could be fun. Much better than the regular phone modem it also has. This is gonna be a wacky trip.

And lastly, Jon Stewart was on Crossfire today. He is my hero. If you didn't see it, you missed the greatest television moment of the decade. He absolutely tore apart the media establishment and chewed on its innards, all by being calm, clear, and polite. Well, mostly polite. "Real" news people WISH they had a tenth of his integrity. They also wish he'd just shut up and do comedy, leaving the real news for them to distort, which they actually told him to do. His response? "I'm not gonna be your monkey."
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