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Let the Mystical floodgates swing wide!11:56 PM -- Thu October 21, 2004

Okay people, I expect no less than 87,000 Kid Mystic orders in the next two days! Get to it! Please?

ANyway, as you can see, Kid Mystic is available now. There's no demo yet, I'll be working on that when I'm done with this, and maybe after I've had a little break! And have printed up some CDs, since I haven't printed any yet, and with luck, there will be a ton of orders to fill momentarily! But most of you diehard Hamheads know if you need Kid Mystic - if you own the old version of it (and like it, of course), you definitely need the new one. If you like Loonyland, you need it. If neither of those apply, maybe you need to wait for the demo! It should only be a few days.

I'm also back from my attempted trip. As far as running the business goes, it was something of a low-key fiasco. It turns out that a 56k modem does not have the necessary bandwidth to deal with 2500 spams a day. After a couple days, I developed a technique that worked - I logged directly into the server and used a webmail program to go through and manually delete all the spams, 100 at a time. It actually didn't take all that long to do, it was just a pain (and I had ample time to play solitaire while I did it, since each page of 100 emails took about 2 minutes to load). I ended up shipping several orders. No complaints about those yet, but we'll see what happens! I don't know any reason they wouldn't get to their destinations just as well as the orders I ship from here. So I don't know. It wasn't a raving success, but I was able to answer a few customer emails and ship a few orders. It was also frustrating that I only had a short time to do emails in the morning or the evening, so I couldn't reply to anything in a timely fashion like I usually do.

In the meantime, Halloween is fast approaching, and Halloween Horror 5 is on the chopping block, getting tested and ready to go. WTG mentioned 15 entries or so! That's crazy. Sounds like the biggest Halloween Horror yet! Well, I better go start printing out Kid Mystics for the evening rush. There will be an evening rush, right?? Start ordering!
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