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Demo's up!10:35 PM -- Tue October 26, 2004

Hey, the Kid Mystic demo is now available, enjoy the first chapter of the game! I've also been playing some of the HH worlds, and they're really good. There are SIXTEEN this year! That's not just a record, it's a blowout. WTG sent me all the worlds, so I just need to pack them up for the webpage. Normally I play worlds all the way through before putting them up, so I can doublecheck they're okay (and be the first to get the high scores...), but this is an awful lot of worlds. I've played a few, and I'll probably have to put them up without playing all.

So with all that junk out of the way, what's left on the Hamumu agenda? First thing is to ship out HH prizes. Lots of people are getting those! You know if you are, since WTG collected the addresses. I'll get that done tomorrow (which may also be when I put up the worlds). Then it's a more relaxing time. I like to take it a little easy after the mad rush that comes at the end of making a game. But in the near future, there's a Supreme patch coming with some new triggers and effects that should further expand your arsenal of wacky level-making, and I'll be getting to work on a new game, very slowly at first, since I'm taking things easy. A new game??

Yeah, a new one. See, here's the thing... every Halloween, I like to make a surprise for you guys, like Pumpkin Pop one year, and um, that's about it. I always try to. Loonyland was supposed to be a Halloween surprise, but it got too big. This year, I got cut off by the trip we had to take to Minnesota, and the intense work of finishing Kid Mystic. I came up with an idea I liked, but it just would've taken too much time. But then I also came up with another crazy idea, and after talking with Sol Hunt herself, she feels that this can take precedence. She demands that someday there must be a Sol Hunt game, but as long as I never say I won't do one, she's fine with it being put off. And she really likes this new idea.

This new game is tentatively titled "Bad Graphics", and is a super original idea. That's one reason I'm so excited about it - this is something people will notice just because it's so unique (and next year, I can enter it in the IGF and maybe get past the preliminaries!). It is also an online game, so I'm very excited about that. You guys will be playing against and with each other and me in this grand adventure (it's an RPG of sorts). It's not coming soon, it's not even really started yet, but it's what I will be putting my effort into once I begin putting effort into things again.

No, Grimbelina will probably never come out.
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