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La Paz: The Adventures01:37 AM -- Sat April 9, 2005

The Adventures
Don't read this if you're the type who doesn't want to look at peoples' vacation slides (i.e. normal) - it's not anything interesting
I'm just sharing it because this was my first time ever outside the U.S.! It was all news to me.

We are not very exciting people, so here are the adventures we undertook in La Paz:

  • Walking The Malecon - The Malecon is the boardwalk. We walked probably 5 miles a day back and forth on that thing. It was very nice! Most of the restaurants we visited were along here.

  • Snorkeling - Nope, not really! We tried, but there was a minimum of 4 people, and nobody else showed up, so they would've taken us out... if we paid double price.

  • Bus Ride - It's an adventure when they don't call out the stops and just assume you know which one is which! We got off at the wrong stop and ended up wandering lost a while, but it all worked out.

  • Dining - We dined to our stomachs' content.

  • Shopping - We shopped at turista shops, and also went to the mall to shop at Soriana's, which is pretty much a Super Walmart. We bought a book of 365 kid's stories (very short ones, obviously), to practice spanish at something more on our level. Sol has read 2 whole stories!

  • El Museo Antropologico - Made that spelling up. There's an anthropological museum in La Paz (with a lack of signage outside, I might add), which we visited. Saw some funky aztec relics and stuff. Including human bones that had been painted red and smooshed together into a small pile. I suppose that's a little creepy. Went along well with all the sacrificial daggers and whatnot.

  • Visiting Folks - Before we went, we found out that the aunt & uncle of the husband of a coworker of Sol's (got it?) live in La Paz. So we got to go visit them. They made us a great lunch and showed us around their palatial estate, which was downright awesome. Because La Paz has perfect weather 374 days a year, they actually built their house as 3 separate tiny buildings (a guest room, a kitchen+living room, and a bedroom+office+bathroom), with breezeways connecting them all and a pool in the middle. It's really something, considering the actual interior floor space is smaller than our tiny crackerbox of a house.

  • Renting A Car - We didn't rent a car for our trip, and that worked out great, since everything is walkable and you can bus it to the beaches, but to get out to the house we visited, we needed one. So for that one day, we rented a car. Due to the specific vagaries of my educational history (I can't drive a stick), Sol had to do the driving. It was kind of stressful, driving in a foreign country, in an unknown car, using a measuring system you're not familiar with (kilometros everywhere!). People are rather lax about driving regulations in La Paz, but luckily there's not a lot of traffic, so it's not that bad. Some blind intersections were an adventure though. All in all, we made it out unscathed!

  • Beach Bummin' - We sat upon two different beaches absorbing photons and using their energy to generate vitamin D. The water there is amazing... crystal clear, and such a shallow progression that you can go out 50 yards before it's up to your neck.
That's it, the sum total of our adventures. No kayaking, though our hotel offered them free. No snorkeling, though we made a token effort. No visit to the aquarium or serpentarium (they have one! We kept saying "serpen'arium", which is a joke nobody will get), though we tried to go to the aquarium the day we rented the car (it was closed - I think it's actually not finished yet), and the serpentarium as well, but weren't able to find the right road. No kitesurfing, though that was offered. No waverunning, though that too was available. We just like to take it easy. We're boring.
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