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La Paz: The Weather04:28 AM -- Tue April 12, 2005

The Weather
Don't read this if you're the type who doesn't want to look at peoples' vacation slides (i.e. normal) - it's not anything interesting
I'm just sharing it because this was my first time ever outside the U.S.! It was all news to me.

Okay, this one is just filler. And several days late. It's always 80-85 in La Paz. Always. No really, the people we met who live there, they had taken measurements for the past few years, and they printed out a chart for us! In the summer, every day is almost exactly 100 (that's the good California kind of 100, not the gross back east kind), every night is almost exactly 60. In the winter, it's always ... oh, I forgot this one and don't know where the paper went. I think 75-80, and 50-55 at night. The spring, in which we encountered it, was 80-85 with maybe 60 at night.

So yeah, it's just perfect. They get something like 2-3 inches of rain a year. The whole time we were there, the sky was completely solid blue, all up until the last day of our trip. That night, it got nifty clouds to give us a final extra special sunset:

Previously we had to suffer through junk like this:

So it was a rough trip.
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