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Back To Life, Back To Reality10:58 PM -- Thu April 14, 2005

Well now that I have no La Paz journals to fall back on, I guess I have to tell you what's going on here at Hamumu or something! First note: I was going to post a picture of the sample CD I got in the new format, but I think the camera got taken to school today, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyway, on that note, I think I've got the new shop system set up, which is a good thing, since I have to have it up by tomorrow, when the previous merchant account is gonna pull the rug out from under me. But I don't have the new CDs ready yet, so I'm still making the CDs as before and shipping them myself. So let this be warning for two things:

1 - If you want to order more than one game from us, order them TODAY because tomorrow, the 20% discount on multi-game orders will be gone. I'm sorry about that, I would definitely like to keep it (not because I'm nice or anything - that discount got me lots of multi-item orders! It was a win-win), but it's not available under the new system.

2 - If you want the fancy DVD cases, order within the next week at the latest! I'm still doing those CDs, but I'm working to get the new ones going ASAP, so time is running out. The new ones will not be nearly as good - they're just a CD in a case, no manual or cover. But they're kinda cool in an entirely different way, which is why I wish I could've shared a picture. Still, they're not as nice as what we have now, so grab em quick.

Hey, you know what else? There's a 48-hour game development contest this weekend! Huzzah! Conveniently overlapping it is a board game design mini-contest, but I don't put much effort into those, they're just fun to try to come up with something basic for.

Last note: You know the Merging Traffic world that came out yesterday? That wasn't an official Hamumu event, but I'm planning to start the Monthly Merge in May. Monthly Merge will be a contest that runs every month, except months that contain one of the big worlds (Summer Silliness in June, Halloween Horror in October, and Winter Wackiness in December). The contest will be to design one level fitting the theme. The way the contest is judged will be different every month (feel free to suggest ideas), and may sometimes be for the world-builders to win (best level by popular vote or something), other times for other people to win (kind of like the Merging Traffic contest, or other wacky ideas I have). There will be prizes ranging from totally lame to pretty lame. Each month, the contest will be announced right at the beginning, and scheduled in such a way that the world for it will be released before the beginning of the next month.

Just what I need to do... putting more work on my plate! I'm a self-employed slavedriver. But these contests and things are fun. By the way, I don't promise that this contest will actually continue after the first time, because I am well known to be lazy.
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