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Movement!09:24 PM -- Sat April 16, 2005

Hey, I've now created the monsters that will hunt my people - they look suspiciously like muppets. I haven't put any in the game yet, though. But what I have done is gotten the person to move! He now scampers from room to room, as long as they are lit. It looks very odd when he goes vertically, and if I had more than 48 hours, I'd probably have him exit through the back of the room (fade out) and come back in the other room (fade in), but I don't, so he sort of levitates or something. It's supposed to be stairs. But when he goes SIDEWAYS, oh it's a laugh riot! It's not what I intended at all, but I daresay it's just perfect. So, back to work - once I get those muppets in there, there will actually be a sort of a game!
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