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Contest Ahoy!10:54 PM -- Wed April 20, 2005

While participating in the LD48 contest, I learned of another contest! One of the themes that was in the final running for LD48 was "1 Button Games" (meaning games you control entirely with a single button, no joystick or anything), and I got really excited about that, and came up with a bunch of ideas that would work so well. That theme actually ended up coming in 2nd (3rd?), I believe, which is why we did Light & Darkness. But now it turns out that the guys at Retro Remakes are hosting a 1-button game development contest! How outrageously convenient! You get a wee bit more than 48 hours, as the final date is May 11th, and as a result, I've fleshed out my one favorite idea. I won't be using the whole timeframe (I sure hope), but a few days for sure. I believe that I can make this game good enough to sell alongside my other ones. Wouldn't that be something? A one-button game you'd pay money for? Obviously, that means more development to crank out cool levels and features to expand it beyond a super quickie. But it'll still all be 1 button. I know the idea is awesome enough to do it, it's all down to the execution now. I hope I can pull it off!

A cool thing is that the reason they are running the game is to get some games that can go up on oneswitch.org.uk, which is a site dedicated to "one-switch" games, for people who are disabled and can't operate a full-fledged game. What makes that extra funky is that it means even the game menus have to be operated with a single button. So the menus might be a little awkward. But it should be fun to play!

How can you resist the real ultimate power?!
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