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Ninja Havoc10:45 PM -- Wed April 27, 2005

I'm working really hard on the 1-button ninja game now. It's still not playable, but there's a level editor (and yes, you can make your own badguys!). I've also rendered out all the animations for the ninja himself, which are a surprising number considering the whole thing is controlled with just one button. Let's hope it turns out playable and fun!

Yesterday we had a little jam session trying to come up with a name for the game. What do you think? I was setting some rules:

1. The game name can not be the name of the main character, or any other character (i.e. "Dr. Lunatic"). I'm tired of doing that.
2. It also can't be a description of him ("Tubby Ninja" for example), because then people will just end up calling him that anyway, even though it's not his name.
3. I want the name to somehow reflect the fact that it's a 1-button game, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that.

Some general areas of naming we explored were Wacky Japanese Names like "Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time", Ninja Move Names like "Single Talon Eagle Claw" (note how that cleverly implies the one button play!) or "Lotus ...something", and Kung Fu Movie Names like ... well, I can't think of one now, but a real one is "Iron Monkey". Oh, we also thought about basic video game names like what I titled this journal entry.
I do kinda like Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time, and for that matter, Ninja Havoc isn't too bad. So, do you have any ideas? Don't forget to make it ridiculous! Maybe the right thing will come to mind once it's playable and I'm playing it.
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