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Hail Seitan!04:18 AM -- Tue May 31, 2005

Hey, today I made my own meat! In a way. I made seitan, which is nothing but wheat flour. You knead it underwater a bunch to get everything but the gluten out, and it ends up stringy/chewy/rubbery (those all sound like bad things I suppose... it ends up meaty, okay?). It makes a great fake meat, we just had it for dinner! It's not the best fake meat I ever had, but it's definitely great, especially considering I made it myself, and considering that 'real' fake meats cost a lot of money. I really hope to do this again a bunch. It was actually quite a bit of work for a reasonably small amount of results, though. But it was really cool to turn nothing but flour and water into something that was like meat. And I loved it! I better go put it away now that it's had a chance to cool off. Adios, blog you manana.
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