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Nature Notes08:19 PM -- Thu August 4, 2005

Firstly, it poured rain and even hailed today. The world has gone mad.

Secondly, on our walk yesterday, we saw a tarantula crossing the road! It was huge, like 3 or 4 inches long, just moseying along all slow. That's our first non-zoo tarantula, and quite a sight it was. Just another fine reason to kick ourselves for not bringing our camera when we do walks.

Thirdly, each of our cats has a game they play. It's fun. Zazzy plays catch (sort of) - if you throw the correct type of water bottle cap (she only likes Crystal Geyser caps), she'll jump up to swat it out of the air, or catch it with both paws and grab it in her mouth, then smack it around some more. She gets upset if you stop throwing it though, she doesn't like to just play by herself.

Huzzah plays fetch just as well as any dog... if you're using the right toy. He'll only fetch these sparkly little fluffball cat toys we've got. We keep losing them since he loves to bat them around, especially under things. But he does it so well, running out there and bringing it back to you to throw again. That's my favorite. He came up with it himself, we never tried to do any training. He just realized that we'd throw it if he brought it to us.

Bonsai plays hide and seek! If you get his attention and then run away from him rapidly and hide somewhere, he'll come looking for you, and always finds you eventually. If he can't find you for a little while, he cries, but he keeps looking! It makes him really happy to find you, and he likes it when you run off to hide again. I tried to play it with him today, but he decided to chase at high speed instead, so I never actually got away from him.

And there's Ollie. He plays "chew up the paper", and "especially if it's important". He also enjoys "chew the wire" and "torment the big fat cat just by being near him". He's basically a monster. But I'm convinced that when he grows up a little, he'll have a game of his own he likes to play. Maybe it'll be Kid Mystic.

They're cats, so that qualifies as a nature note.
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