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SERENITY NOW!02:08 PM -- Sat October 1, 2005

Hey, it's U-day everybody! Well, yesterday was. Serenity is here, and we are off to go see it this morning, since going on a Friday is a complicated gas-wasting endeavor, with one of us working in the big city and the other not. Last night we watched as many episodes as we could before sleep was necessary, which was 3. We're not tough, and we don't drink caffeine (well, and somebody never gets home from work until way late). It's fun to be excited about a movie. Also fun is going to town and eating out.

Ninja troubles - I made it so that when you throw guys, it doesn't do damage to them magically like it did. Instead, they get hurt when they hit the wall or floor. Also, when thrown, they can smack into other guys and knock them around (a key component of entertainment!). But I screwed it all up, so instead throwing them currently smacks them into the ground twice and kills them. So next Thursday I'll be working on that again...
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