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SERENITY THEN!11:40 PM -- Sun October 2, 2005

We saw it! I would say that everyone on Earth needs to see it immediately. I say that so that they'll make me a trilogy. But was it great? Yeess.... but not the most amazing movie ever. If you're not a Fireflyhead (is that possible?!), it's a really exciting and interesting sci-fi movie. Not the best one ever, but definitely worth seeing. You will undeniably have fun - very very funny, very exciting and intense, very original, and an interesting plot that you are very welcome to read certain sociopolitical commentary into. I don't think anybody could not at least enjoy it as a fun popcorn movie (well, unless you're very squeamish about violence - it's exceedingly violent, though not gory).

If you are a browncoat, well, you don't have a choice. You've already seen it if you're not in the hospital. Did you, Mr. Browncoat, enjoy it? Yes and no... it takes things further, explains things, gives you more of the trademark hilarity, and pushes the characters to their limits. I really don't think anybody else makes movies with the personal stakes SO high for the characters. Nobody comes out of this anywhere near unscathed, and the abuse heaped on them is intense. Most frightful of all is that by the finale, you're chewing your nails because you have no idea who might live or die - it's that brutal! No Hollywood hero safety net here (you know, like "well, we know he's not gonna die, obviously!"). Another fun thing, though subtle, is the fact that you read the entire plot as a screed against the evil empire of Fox for so mistreating the show (You can't stop the signal!). It also does things that likely, for us fans, will make you scream at Joss and tell him to take it back! It certainly had that effect on our resident intergalactic bounty hunter. There is another downside for fans - the camraderie between the crewmembers is really missing in this movie, I think. They're just not really nice to each other anymore! Mal especially stands out as a very angry man. They still banter in very amusing ways, but not really in a friendly way, it seems like.

Yes, it's absolutely a great movie. It's not the second coming of the Matrix, but it's great. And it brings Firefly back to us. I deeply hope for a sequel (and trilogy - but stop there, don't beat it into the ground), but after the events in this one, I fear things will be forever changed in ways that can only diminish the wacky fun (one change in particular ringing in my head here). But who knows? Now that I've seen this movie, I'm back to square one - waiting and waiting for the next one! Too bad it'll be at least 2 years this time.

After that accomplishment of sitting very still for 2 hours, we accomplished something else. I should probably post pictures, but that is a serious pain. We finished building our cat run! It was so manly of us. We built it, and we put the cats in it, and they are happy. Ollie is already trying to break loose. Now all we have to do is use the enormous pile of gutter materials we bought and put up our gutters... next weekend, that is.

PS - Don't post any spoilers, I'll yank em.
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