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Fussin' And A Feudin'12:56 AM -- Fri October 7, 2005

So for the past two days, I've been unable to send mail. I didn't know why. Spent all day today trying to get the mail sender on my server working with the tech support there, to no avail (previously, I sent mail through my ISP's server, which had stopped working). What on earth was happening? I also couldn't get to my ISP's website, or worst of all, read Penny Arcade! Well, it turns out, according to my ISP's web site (said info had to be "read" to me over IRC for me to discover it), there are two giant behemoths feuding in the middle of America (you know, like Kansas or something - somewhere nobody would notice getting trampled), and they are cutting off each others' customers in some ways. The real info is at that link. Sounds messy. I hoep they wrap it up quick. To fix it, I had to dial up from a different number, and after several minutes attempting to interpret the arcane symbols in the Customer Info Guide in our phone book, I am relegated to just crossing my fingers and hoping the number I'm using is not a local toll call. It seems right, but pretty much according to this chart, I could dial Bangladesh for free, so I think I'm misreading it.

Bonsai got to ride in the car today, which he enjoyed in the same way humans enjoy a really really scary haunted house. Of course, at the end of the haunted house, you pop out onto the street again, safe and sound. Bonsai ended up at the vet. Poor baby. Here's a picture of the dramatic results of having our cat run finished (remember, Huzzah is black and white):

And then they come inside and lay on the bed.
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