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Slacker05:06 PM -- Tue October 11, 2005

I'm wearing my "Slacker" T-shirt today. It's a cool shirt that emphasizes my lack of go-get-em attitude.

What's it like when you think? I am curious. I know there's deep-down thinking that just happens instantly, I'm not talking about that. But say you are trying to decide how to respond to the question I just asked. What's thinking about that like? For me, it's just like talking - I'm actually speaking out a reply in my head, or even discussing pros and cons of different answers, like "No, that's not quite right...". Sometimes I even catch my throat moving to do the talking (it's really bad when my mouth starts moving, and extra really bad when sounds come out... don't they call that a sign of insanity?). And I know this is a really bad habit, because my brain can think a whole lot faster than I can talk, but when I think this way, it slows down my thought to speech speed. Of course, I know there are tons of parallel tracks running at once to formulate that "spoken" thought, but it still feels very limiting. I think it also slows down my reading, because I read the words as if I were reading them aloud, just internally. So I can't read any faster than I can talk either, even though I can glance at a sentence and immediately know what the entire sentence says. I still have to talk it out before I can move on to the next. If I could get over that, I'd be a speed reader! In fact, as I understand it, that is the gist of speed-reading. I should get one of those speed-reading books sometime and see what's up.

Speaking of books, yesterday I came across this site, and read about the Personal MBA. I think I'm gonna check out some of the books there. I could really use business skills.

Here's a funny picture. Let's see if you can guess where it was taken:

Hint: it wasn't in 1942 Nazi Germany, though it does appear to be. Answer coming in the next journal entry. So, am I just crazy, or do you think the way I do?
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