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Disnazis!08:48 PM -- Thu October 13, 2005

Those who said a parking garage were right, but such an answer evades the humor of the full truth - it's from the parking garage at Disneyland! Maybe it's not funny to you, but to me those things look seriously Nazi, and thinking of the Disnazis coming after you... "It vould zeem zat you are not feelink zee magic! Please to be comink vith us!" Much like when Homer and Bart were thrown in The Hole at Itchy & Scratchy Land. The Goofystapo? Okay, it's just me.

Exciting progress is being made on things that I am not speaking about! Woot! Today is Ninja day though, which is always a drag. It's a hard project, mainly because at its core it's very editable, which makes it very floppy and loose, like a beanie baby. Today I'm implementing the N-I-N-J-A letters, which you have to collect in sequence, all in one combo. This first set, since it is the first set, is tremendously easy though. Just jump at the right spot and the arc of your jump will take you through them all in order. But later, you'll have to do wall jumps, dashes, and more to get them all. Maybe even combo off of innocent victims!

I just finished auctioning off the 3 seasons of Buffy we own. I think I did fairly well - $12.50 for the first season, $22 each for the remaining two. That more than half pays for the 7 seasons we will be getting in the Chosen Collection (I told you about this before, you better have preordered yours already!). It's coming out November 15th, so yay.

Another ebay-related story is that yesterday I went to get the mail, and there was a note in the box that we had a package. It was a regular package, but when she brought it out, she brought another package too and said "This one's been here since August!" Turns out it was the set of CDs I bought on half.com in August that never arrived. Or so I thought. Obviously they did arrive, and nobody decided to share them with ME! Incompetence in mail delivery seems to be a constant in my life. I'm just going to have to learn to accept it. Speaking of that, we almost daily receive mail for previous occupants of our PO box. Eerily enough, most of them are named Hummel (my last name's Hommel if you didn't know). But boy am I tired of it. Quite a contrast to the time I sent a check to Brent's PO box, who made the Dr. Lunatic music, and called him "Burnt" on it (it's a nickname!). It was returned to me! I mean come on, people make spelling mistakes worse than that!

Here's another thing we encountered when setting up our cat run:

Pretty fancy lizard! He was semi-biggish, maybe 4 inches not counting tail. He was too scared to move at all, making the picture-taking easy. He was also in the midst of shedding his skin, as you can kinda make out just above his hips. We also found a toad in the cat run, which seemed pretty out of place in the desert (not a horny toad, a full-on squishy toad that should be in water, or so I thought).
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