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The brilliant thing!08:36 PM -- Thu October 20, 2005

I remember now. But first I'd like to say that you should read my Simpsons diatribe a lot more closely. PLEASE. It may have more meaning than it appears (granted, it appears to have very very little).

The thing I wanted to tell you was that Supreme With Cheese will be launching at Arcadetown (a "portal" site - i.e., a collection of tons of indie games) supposedly this Friday, and I know many of you reading this are seriously intense fans of Supreme. So I ask that you do this: Go to this page and you will see a place where you can put in your own review of Supreme. Please do, it will help me! I'm not asking you to embellish, lie, or anything of the sort. I just happen to know that there are a bunch of you who would gush completely honest praise about it if given a chance. And let it be clear that I find that to be an excellent character trait. And hey, if you have less than good things to say about it, you can say those too. I'd like there to be lots of worthwhile, honest reviews of the game up there, and I can think of no better place to request them than the place where people obsessed with the game hang out!

One note though: If writing a review, please just discuss the basic game, not the add-ons or the fact that there are a billion add-ons available. For some reason Arcadetown has decided not to mention the existence of the add-ons to their customers at this time, though they will be joining us on the high score pages.

Fun stuff going down around here. All top secret of course, but there could be hidden clues just about anywhere, couldn't there be? I'm putting a lot of effort into one of the secret projects to try to have something by Halloween. It looks pretty cool, but I do wonder if I can pull it off in that time. If not though, at least it won't be too much longer. I'm pretty excited about it even though it's very very odd.
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