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Halloween Moviethon08:54 PM -- Fri October 21, 2005

I forgot to mention our latest movie in the Halloween series. That is the ONE we've seen since last time, thanks to how unbelievably slow the mail has gotten all of a sudden. They just shipped my latest today, and I sent the last to them on Monday! Shaun Of The Dead is the name. Two big big thumbs up!! It's great! It's like really great. Someday I may own it, because it'd be worth owning. The extra features are really good too. We even watched one of the commentaries the next day (there's still another commentary to go... I better buy it!). It's like I was talking about before with Buffy - this movie is really, really funny, but also emotional and action-packed and all that. Not scary though... Totally not scary. In fact, it makes out zombies to be extremely unthreatening.

Shaun of the Dead gets the Hamumu Halloween seal of approval.
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