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Morevies03:18 PM -- Tue October 25, 2005

Phantoms - Dude, Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, yo! Just kidding. That's what Jay says. Phantoms was dumb. For some reason I've always wanted to see it, and now my dreams have come true. It was very blah. Sol says it was MST quality, but I didn't see that myself. For me, it was just real blah. Only one scene I can think of that could really have been MST'd up.

Fangoria Blood Drive - This one is a collection of amateur horror shorts. Fangoria Magazine held a contest, and these were the winning submissions. They're all very bad. They range from hilariously bad, to "trying to be pretentious and deep" bad. Oh, and the last one is "trying to be a hilarious musical" bad (not hilarious, but thankfully short). I also had Fangoria Blood Drive II in my list, which I shall be removing forthwith.

Those were both very low-rated movies no Netflix, and I knew what to expect. I can't really claim disappointment. To an extent, I like bad horror. But let's hope some better things are lurking in the queue in the future.

I don't know what else is going on. I'm hammering away on secret project #whatever to try to be able to maybe beta it or something by Halloween (no, it's not the one that some of you have seen, it's something vaguely Halloweeny). I even skipped Ninja work last week to do so. I am still working on that in general though. There's still a big secret about Ninja that I'm very excited about, that will also qualify as "hilariously bad", but should be beyond fun. I just hope it pans out.

Last thing: one of my secret projects (which some of you have seen) is about to the point where I'll call it no longer in beta! Then I shall announce it to the wide world who will say "oh, that's it? That's too hard." But I think it's fun. It's my Wednesday project, so let's hope I can unveil it by the end of Wednesday.
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