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Dumb: The Game!!03:58 PM -- Wed October 26, 2005

Dumb: The Game is here (click the banner above)! It's a website where you try to solve puzzles. Really hard puzzles, mostly. Some are easy though. All are rated from 1-5 stars, so you can see how hard they are. Go give them a try, it's free! You've got nothing to lose but your sanity.

So that's one of my 5 projects (another is working on my board games, and a third is Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time, so that leaves only two surprises! Although now I need a new project to replace Dumb, don't I?). I will still be adding puzzles to Dumb as fast as I can. I won't really feel comfortable with it until the puzzle count is 3 digits.

Next horrorthon movie done: Scary Movie 3 - It was really funny! Much better than Scary Movie 2. Don't really remember Scary Movie 1, though. There was a lot of lameness, of course, but overall, I found myself amused.
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