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Horrorthon More03:30 AM -- Mon October 31, 2005

A couple more horrorthon events to share:

Undead - This is a wacky New Zealand (um... New Zealandian?) zombie movie. Only, everything is not as it appears... it's pretty clever, twistwise, and it's made in such an overly silly way that it's hard to say if it's good or bad. One character is a total hillbilly guy, except he also happens to be more of a ninja/sharpshooter/acrobat than Neo, for some hilarious slo-mo zombie slaying. It's great when he does a backflip to embed his spurs into the wall and hang upside down shooting. Although why characters in zombie movies always have to discover that shooting them in the head is the key, I can't imagine.

Night Of The Lepus - I got this one because it was said to be truly horrible. And it was. But not as fun horrible as it should've been. Maybe I just miss the little silhouettes making the jokes for me. Still, it was giant rabbits (sometimes more giant than others, thanks to the effects budget) eating people. It's a tragedy that this was never on MST3K, I feel I have missed out on a great experience. I must admit: I slept through the ending.

Anyway, 8 new puzzles up on Dumb: The Game, get to solving! Got a pile of HH worlds sitting around here, shall be released tomorrow, I daresay. And, that's the news for tonight. It's been a great weekend of really relaxing, and each morning we sat around really working out these new puzzles. It was just really fun. The rest of the day... just a whole lot of relaxation. And I baked cookies.
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