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Sneak Peek: Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time10:03 PM -- Thu November 3, 2005

A title screen! What's nice about those is that they're highly cosmetic with very little functionality, so it's so much easier than real work, and yet it looks like I accomplished something. I had a lot of help from Mike K in making this look nice, and he's the one who made the cute happy/drunk icons. The background, I am told by the other one who provided the kanji (Seth R), says "Go go!" I hope that's true.

No, Ninjanet is not internet play. It's just the usual internet goodies - high scores and replays of cool runs, and downloading add-ons. The replays are pretty cool: you can save a run you like and upload it and people can watch it in the game. I'd like to have voting on those so you can "score" in that way (by having a replay that people are really impressed with), but we shall see.
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