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Crazy or No Crazy?02:55 AM -- Tue November 8, 2005

It seems like things are really crazy right now, but there's no reason for it to. Well, I guess there is, but no crazier than it's been for a good while. Working on so many projects can feel frantic, but it's kind of cool because I'm actually getting to relax plenty. I have my work time, during which I pound away knowing that quitting time is coming soon, then I quit as advertised.

And what do I do when I quit? These days, I play Tony Hawk's Underground 2, and Burnout 3! I just got them (and Spiderman 2, which I tried out the beginning of and put away to concentrate on the others). I bring them up so I can tell you that while THUG2 is more of the same, better than THUG1, but not as good as the earlier Tonys (and most importantly, it's more goals for me to complete! Yay!), Burnout 3 is freakin' awesome (as Carl would say - and really, he would say that about this game, it's right up his alley). I never really like racing games, because blah, all you do is drive along the road and try to do it fast. But I wanted to try this anyway, because I knew there was a mode where all you do is try to cause the biggest crash possible. Well, it rules. The crash mode is really good, although we've gotten far enough it that it's now kind of tedious because it requires you to do it just right instead of flinging yourself out there. But the racing is really something special. No other game has the sense of speed that this does, with cool blurring effects, and you get rewarded for taking out the other cars. Very cleverly, this game actually takes the worst part of a racing game, crashing ("oh no, now I know I've lost. I'll just hit Restart"), and makes it seriously fun. When you crash, you can hold down a button to go into slow motion and semi-steer your wreck, to try and smash into the other cars and earn Aftertouch Takedowns. If you succeed, you actually end up losing almost nothing for crashing, and you gain "Boost", which is exactly what it sounds like (you also earn Boost for other things that make the game exciting, like driving on the wrong side of the road and swiping too close by other cars). Anyway, it's so fun that even Sol Hunt is hooked, and that's quite a feat.

So those are my fun games of late. Oh, another one that I got for reviewing purposes that is pretty great too is Land Of Legends by Tiny Hero Studios. It's a turn-based strategy game a lot like Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, but not as complicated.

There was some other stuff I was to tell you about, but I can't remember, other than to say that something else that is trés bien is Primal Strips soy jerky, Texas BBQ flavor. Yowza. If only it were cheap, I could make a sandwich out of it!

Oh, hey I remember 2 things: First, this month is Nanowrimo and I am winning!! Check out my progress at my profile and see how I am zooming ahead with incredible speed. I can't believe how well I'm doing. Of course, as my excerpts on that page indicate, it's not good writing. It's total crap, and that's just fine. My goal is to get done. To make an entire novel. Then I'm gonna throw it away, because it won't even be salvageable by editing. Then next November, I'll write it again! Faster and better! Then some year, it'll be good. It's a story idea I've had brewing and growing out of control in my mind like Mucho Moss for maybe 3 or 4 years. I think it's a great idea, but I am really ruining it with this horrible writing. But that's okay, because this doesn't have to be the final draft. I'm succeeding! It's so cool! It's a great feeling when I see that you need to write 1,667 words a day to finish on time (you need to have 50,000 words by the end of the month), and every day I write well over 2,000 (except I skipped writing yesterday).

So thing #2 is that since I'm doing Nanowrimo, I created a new schedule for this month. I've got 4 hours of work each day, 2 hours of writing, and then 2 other hours which have assorted things in them (play games for research, do chores at home, biz stuff). And what I have cleverly done with my 5 project schedule is put a bunch of tiles in a bag, and I draw one at random every day to see what I work on that day (and keep it out, so I do everything once before I start over). Tremendously exciting. You know, I always make everything a game. Don't worry, I put in 3 each of Pumpkin Pop 2 and Ninja, so I do them 3 times as often as the other projects. I added a project called "Other" to the pile, and I haven't drawn it yet. I don't even know what it is. It's just a day to work on something new. I have quite a few ideas of things I'd like to do.

Okay, that's about enough! I have to journal more often so I don't ramble on for pages.
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