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Sneak Peek: Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time09:48 PM -- Mon November 14, 2005

It's a new feature I added today! The Time Ninja now has two supermoves he can call upon once he charges up a meter by scoring points. One is Zen, activated by simply holding the button down for an exorbitantly long time (demonstrating your inner calm) - it simply slows the game down by a factor of 4 for a while, making you much more able to perform your amazing stunts. The other, pictured above, is Ninja Loco, activated by pounding on the button as fast as you can in a very short time. It should be no surprise that this makes you move at double speed, making it much harder to perform your amazing stunts. On the other hand, it gives you quite a leg up on your adversaries. Especially since, though this isn't in yet, I'm planning to have it also make you invincible, inflict double damage, and make everything you do while it's active count as one big combo. Both of them run down the meter while they're active. Loco lasts about 8 seconds, Zen lasts much longer, but then again the game's running much slower.

Really about all you can do while Loco is to flail on the button, but it's really effective if there are many enemies. Currently both supermoves have that same visual effect of the trails, but I'm going to add some sort of particles flying around for Loco mode, make it look like you're on fire or something. The effect is perfect as it is for Zen.

The other big news is bad, I suppose. I also decided today to remove the multiplayer from the game. It's one of the big things making it much more complicated to develop, and I don't think many people play same-computer multiplayer games these days, so I'd be expending all this enormous effort to make something nobody would even play anyway. I think it's a good decision, because I feel like now I can really pull it together. I don't have that massive problem looming over my head anymore. And hey, the "P1" can finally go away (even though it's not gone yet, as you can see)! This game was always about the single-player, big combo, Tony Hawk kind of play, so it's good to focus on that. I think. It's a good justification for wimping out, anyway. I'm adding some cool stuff along those lines (actually inspired by a combination of Tony Hawk and Burnout! Playing games is good for your brain!) to make the single player more involved, as well. You'll be earning new Belts! No, they won't show on the character.
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