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It's a vacation!04:01 PM -- Sat April 8, 2006

Yeah, so I'm not very bloggy these days, but I'm not doing work either, so it works out. I'm on vacation! Vacation ends monday. I finished another book, Time Travelers Strictly Cash, by Spider Robinson. All you Pratchett people would probably really like it, since most of it is just all horrific puns. Yuck. But it's a short story collection, so the parts that weren't were sometimes pretty good. It was easy reading for the most part, quite harmless. It included some nonfiction bits, like a book review that was eerily reminiscent of my reviewing at the GameTunnel Monthly Roundup and some speeches. I really enjoyed some of those. One of the speeches was the worst part of the entire book on a level I've never read before... joking so incredibly intensely that every word was a multiple pun. It was unreadable garbage, and I skipped half of it. Very much lounge lizard, ladies-and-germs, is-this-thing-on, take-my-wife-please 'entertainment'. Gak! I don't find much offensive, but humor that bad can do it.

Now be quiet, I am vacationing!
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