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Sneak Peek: Loonyland 2: Winter Woods10:40 PM -- Mon April 10, 2006

I've redone the entire inventory system. It used to be really abstract and split up, like you'd choose which axe to equip on one page, and look at your other junk on another page. Now it's more like most games - a straightforward grid of all the stuff you've collected, and you can just hit the button to equip stuff and the usual. All quite logical. I like it way better now, although that "<- Equipped" notice is pretty lame looking.

You can't actually equip the log, despite what the help text says. It's one of many 'junk items'. Each different main class of monster drops a different kind of junk. You'll want to collect it because you can sell it, or combine it into wondrous new items. Provided you have the Crafting skill, that is! You can also use it for another purpose which shall remain secret. Oh, and some quests call for collecting some of it. Collecting logs is actually the very first quest you encounter, unless you are too antisocial to talk to the townsfolk.
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