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Spring Has Sprung!03:41 PM -- Mon March 12, 2007

As of this Saturday, it's officially Spring here. I don't know when Spring actually starts, and I don't care. Because it's awesome here. It's been 80 (for those who think that is unpleasant, let me say two things: This is in Fahrenheit first of all, and it's also bone dry - I know 80 might be gross where you live, but here it is bliss!), and a constant breeze. It's just idyllic. We hung around outside so much that somebody got a little burned. And it wasn't the pasty computer geek who knows his limits and came inside!

I realize that I'm blogging about the weather at the moment, but it's perfect!! We've been locked in eternal* winter for so long, I missed perfection. Actually it snowed a ton one day a couple weeks ago, so this is pretty out of the blue. And we're seeing the first few bugs outside now, and lots of green things, and all our trees are coming back to life. This is the real deal. And what makes it most perfect is that the ants aren't back yet! In a month or so, our entire yard will become one huge anthill, but for now, I tiptoe through the sand-tulips barefoot and love it. Hooray for niceness! And open windows. We sleep with our windows open again! And all day the wind blows through, and the sweet spring smells come with it.

What? There's nothing wrong with getting excited about seasonal changes. You get excited about what happens on House, M.D. My species has lived on this rock for eons, and this has always been the best part about it. Computers and pop culture and civilizations come and go, but every year without fail, the springtime air flows in and the sun on my (and my ancestors') shoulders feels good. Feeling good is a transitory wonderment that should be celebrated, and never dismissed. Just last week I was lying awake in discomfort all night from some heartburn. Now I'm not. And it's good. Spring won't last forever. In another month, it'll be horribly hot (not that I mind summer either, it's really nice out here). The perfection will be broken with ants, too-hot nights, and sweat. I'm going to enjoy Spring while it's here, and then I'll do it again next year. And I'll enjoy complaining in between!

* 3 months. Maybe 4!
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