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I Can See Through Time....03:09 AM -- Sun April 1, 2007

No, I kid. We made a curry dish this evening and it was great! It was not at all hot, however, so my Simpsons reference title is a terrible lie.

So I have not been notably present around here lately. What's up with that? Well, a couple of things. First, and less incriminating, it is Sol's Spring Break. So I'm kind of vacationing too. I'm still working, but whenever she stays around here all day, even though we might be on different ends of the house, or not even both in the house, I just don't feel like working. It feels like a vacation, so it becomes one. I always want to see what she's up to, or find something pointless to do with her like watch yet more Netflix. But even if not, it just feels like not the time to get things done. I guess part of it is a flow issue - if I think I don't have a bunch of uninterrupted hours, I can't get started doing stuff.

Ah, but there is a more significant and pressing concern. For you see, I recently obtained (thanks to a huge sale at Circuit City), the game Titan Quest (plus the expansion - $30 all together)! It's awesome. I am completely hooked. I mean, it may not actually be such an amazing game, but it's the perfect game for me. It's a total Diablo 2 clone. So it's like I get to play that again, only with all new skills and items, and I don't know where everything is yet. Mmmmmm. I haven't been this hooked on a game in years... since Diablo 2! I think I played something like 8 hours one day. And then the next day. In fact, I got it about halfway through my 10-day WoW guest pass, and it took precedence very quickly. Forget WoW! I just need more Diablo clones. I hear Silverfall, which just came out, is another one...

Anyway, so I haven't done much in a week. I did get the merge built. Bad news there - its the last one, at least for a while. The participation is once again horribly low (4 builders), and it's just too much work for so little result. I mean, it'd be fine, except I can spend those hours working on an actual game! I don't mind doing extra stuff, it's all part of building the community, but when there's so little interest in it, it's just not worth the time.

Aside from that, just done some LLTT design stuff, and a little bit of work on it. Many inspirations from Titan Quest. I tell you, playing games gives me ideas! LL2: CE is just about ready to go. Still haven't gotten around to recording that last commentary, but I promise tomorrow! Then it's just a matter of making the installer and creating the disc and waiting for it to get produced and stored in the warehouse, so I can start taking orders! Everything else is done.

So that's the big update finally after a long delay. I'm still slacking. Spring Break has another week to go! But I'm getting things done a bit, and will do better as it gets less new. Tomorrow's busy - the whole first of the month thing. A bunch of addons to prep and release, the newsletter. Fun for all!
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