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Propaganda For Loonyland In General07:07 PM -- Wed April 11, 2007

On an odd whim and for no particular reason (except perhaps that I was in a spending mood having just dropped $1500 on a new computer this morning!), I am now the proud owner of:


I don't have any plans to make it particularly wondrous. I'm not sure why I have it. Just another way to come across the Loonyland series, I suppose. You don't need to be keeping an eye on that site. It won't be doing tons of amazing things like this site does. I'll still be doing the Sneak Peeks here, and the game pages will stay here. If anything interesting happens there, I'll be sure to let you know here!

I do have one little idea - just to show the map of all Loonyland there, and let you click on the provinces to be taken to information on them. The two (more to come later!) that have games set in them would link to the appropriate game pages. That's about the extent of my ideas so far. And of course links to the forum and Loonyversity and whatnot, so people who come across that site by googling will see there's a community to get involved with. Then maybe I can have pages about all the different monsters and things that live in that world. Bodzhas!

Now back to that parenthetical aside... I did buy a new computer! I'm excited. It's been more than SIX YEARS. Yes, my old one is getting old. The new one is a laptop, because I've been loving the functionality of using a laptop around the house via wireless, and in town too. I really like the idea that my work will already be on the laptop, just how I want it, since it'll be my main computer. I'll never say "Oh, can't work on that, it's at home!" or be missing a password or anything. Of course, I am also getting what I need to set it up as a desktop, so when I am at work, it'll be just the same as a desktop. Only with wireless keyboard and mouse, which I have not done before. I am entering the woooooorld of tomorrow! It's even got a built-in webcam (no, not going to be setting that up on a webpage!), widescreen display, and a CD burner that can actually print on the CDs (with special CDs). It's an HP. I've had plenty of bad experiences with HP products, so that is my big concern here. We'll see. Ah, so much fun coming! Sadly, it's infected with Vista. But I need to see how my stuff works on that, I suppose.
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