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Reboots10:57 PM -- Thu April 26, 2007

Well, it's been a busy week, through no fault of getting things done (interpreted properly, that says I haven't gotten much done). My new computer has arrived, and all week has been spent getting it set up for proper use. Just now I've run one of my own games for the first time, and it went swimmingly! A new computer is an interesting time, to upgrade things and change how things are done. I'm trying out this new Getright Pro instead of merely Getright, because it has this feature where you can compare a folder on your computer to one on your website, and auto-copy things in either direction until they are the same and current. That'll make web updates kind of handy, if it's fast. I'm also looking forward to finally installing the latest FL Studio, which I have been several versions behind on for a long time.

Anyway, everything is all new and shiny (extra shiny - it's Vista! Which is something of a concern for many reasons, but hey, I need to be testing on Vista anyway) and quite exciting. My favorite part is that it's a laptop, so now I can carry around all of my work wherever I want. No need to copy over whatever I want to mess with and realize I can't do this or that (such as work in 3DS Max). Everything there is to do is on the laptop. I've got it set up as a regular desktop in the office though. Then I just pop out a couple cables and walk off wherever my work takes me. Usually that's to the living room to hang out on the web while watching TV. I'm nothing if not productive and cosmopolitan.

The bad news is I bought World Of Warcraft. Amazon was having a deal (slightly worse deal now, but still $15 off!) where you get both the game and the expansion for $30, shipped free. Since the expansion alone is supposed to be $40, I couldn't turn it down! I won't be signing up my first month of money wasting yet, though. I'm saving it for some sort of occasion. Perhaps the end of Titan Tunnels? Nah, probably not that long! But the future, at any rate. It can sit and tempt me for now (well, not yet - it hasn't even shipped yet).

That's life in the big city. Still getting set up, but I'm gradually running out of things I need to copy and install. Oh! And there's a 48-hour contest this weekend! So once I have this set up, I can inaugurate it with a 48-hour bit of game development. Should be excitotastic as always!
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