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Slow progress07:59 PM -- Sat April 28, 2007

Medusa's most serious lament is how her head is disconnected from her body and upside down. That's the huge problem I'm having - working out how to render the rotated sprites properly. I gave up on it hours ago and have decided to live with it for now.

Her secondary lament is that her eyebeams seem to shoot out of her shoulder. That's less of an issue. Her final, and intended, lament is that there are crows messing up her garden! So she is zapping them into stone, eventually. Then somehow, via some code I'm not sure how to write, the crow statues will stack up, making a mountain for Medusa to climb. Your score is the highest you reached before dying. You can die from being hit by a bird, hit by a falling stone bird, or falling off your mountain once it's tall enough.

Right now, none of that is in. Birds just show up and you can zap beams all over the screen, to no effect. And your head spins around. You can also run around and jump. These are all temp art, of course, on the off-chance I actually finish (which worries me greatly with these technical problems!), and have time to put in real art.
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