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Way new looks!03:46 AM -- Sun April 29, 2007

Look at all that! As you can see, the crows have gotten fat on Medusa's garden. The game is essentially done now, minus dozens of hours worth of polish. Like for example, the ability to get hurt (frankly, I think it will become nearly impossible once I add that, but then I'll just need to tweak speeds and such), and some sort of score. The background there has 7 layers which scroll independently, so as you climb up, you sort of reveal more. It would've been fun to have surprises to reveal as little rewards for getting far, but it's just a plain old landscape. Maybe I'll add a goat on the mountain if I get time. Looks pretty good in action though.

I'm done for the night... I could sure use a break. Then I have tons of time tomorrow to hit the finish line. One thing that really needs work is the collision detection. Right now you can only gaze at the birds' feet properly. The rest of their body is made of reflective feathers.
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