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Internets, We Hardly Knew Ye07:46 PM -- Wed May 16, 2007

Well, here I am at the library once again. Not by choice this time! Our satellite seems to have blown a gasket. So at home, we are without internets until next wednesday at least (when they will come check it out). There's always a chance it will spontaneously work again, since it spontaneously stopped, but it's not looking too promising at this point. It is hard to run an internet business without 50% of the term "internet business". I think I'll be visiting the library quite a lot in the near future.

If you are confused about the mysterious surprise on every page of the site, cease your confusion, because it is gone now! It was just a test thing that I left up for fun, but I've removed it now as I continue to work on the new stuff. Speaking of things that are hard to do without the internet, working on a website is one such thing. So I suspect I'll be getting in some good Titan Tunnels work this week. I can't even play WoW! GASP!
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